Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

2006 Spin I.D.s 2006 Spin I.D.s

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Previous Spin I.D.s and Prizes

Previous Spin I.D.s and Prizes

Month Date Day Spin I.D. Prize
December 29 Friday KA05264 Caribbean Escapes Antigua and Barbuda Trip
December 29 Friday FB03479 Dodge Nitro
December 28 Thursday MW03219 Vienna, Austria Trip
December 27 Wednesday LF0008113 Uruguay Trip
December 27 Wednesday SS28213 Infiniti G35 Coupe
December 26 Tuesday MJ0009917 Zürich, Switzerland Trip
December 26 Tuesday LH0017471 Dodge Nitro
December 25 Monday MP01555 Sorry, but Wheel of Fortune was pre-empted in my time zone by the Eagles-Cowboys game.  I have no info on the 12/25 prize.
December 22 Friday TR0009059 Anguilla, United Kingdom Trip
December 21 Thursday PJ00941 Lisbon, Portugal Trip
December 20 Wednesday WA0001788 Kaua‘i Marriot Resort & Beach Club, Kaua‘i, Hawaii Trip
December 19 Tuesday JT09522 Cancún, Mexico Trip
December 19 Tuesday AG01449 Winnebago Access
December 18 Monday JH07271 Ireland Trip
December 15 Friday EM08726 Ixtapa, Mexico Trip
December 14 Thursday KC04288 Amsterdam, Netherlands Trip
December 13 Wednesday BH09469 Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa, Maui, Hawaii Trip
December 12 Tuesday BS17293 Milan, Italy Trip
December 11 Monday JH25386 Hotel Kura Hulanda, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles Trip
December 8 Friday EB09065 Iberostar Cozumel Resort, Cozumel, Mexico Trip
December 7 Thursday RK0008926 Royal Kona Resort, Hawaii, Hawaii Trip
December 7 Thursday CA0008725 Mustang GT Convertible
December 6 Wednesday KO0002860 Gamboa Rainforest Resort, Panama Canal, Panama Trip
December 6 Wednesday JG13597 Mustang Convertible
December 5 Tuesday LB17079 Crete, Greece Trip
December 4 Monday LM20626 Barcelona, Spain Trip
December 1 Friday JS29920 Budapest, Hungary Trip
November 30 Thursday HJ00371 Stockholm, Sweden Trip
November 29 Wednesday NP00966 Paris, France Trip
November 28 Tuesday DM17913 Sandals Dunn's River Villaggio, Ocho Rios, Jamaica Trip
November 27 Monday MM28869 Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, Mazatlan, Mexico Trip
November 24 Friday TB0016020 The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada Trip
November 23 Thursday LD06981 Venice, Italy Trip
November 22 Wednesday RC03319 Northstar Resort, Lake Tahoe Trip
November 21 Tuesday SC03190 Reykjavik, Iceland Trip
November 21 Tuesday PS02325 Saturn SKY
November 20 Monday DG07682 Sydney, Australia Trip
November 17 Friday CM12335 Windjammer Barefoot Cruises Caribbean Cruise
November 16 Thursday VS01806 Club Med Cancún Yucatán, Mexico Trip
November 15 Wednesday BY01023 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Trip
November 14 Tuesday AP08158 Toronto, Canada Trip
November 13 Monday GW05703 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Trip
November 10 Friday RR08819 St. James's Club, Antigua Trip
November 9 Thursday KY01081 Singapore Trip
November 8 Wednesday GR02553 Pueblo Bonito Rose, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Trip
November 7 Tuesday DF0010164 Panama City, Panama Trip
November 6 Monday DE02477 Kona Village Resort, Kahuwai Bay, Hawaii Trip
November 6 Monday AP05351 Cadillac CTS
November 3 Friday BV01832 Costa Caribbean Cruise
November 3 Friday GN01184 Hummer H3
November 2 Thursday JD04853 Viva Windham Maya, Playacar, Mexico Trip
November 1 Wednesday TT03701 Honolulu, Hawaii Trip
October 31 Tuesday LM00491 Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort, St. Croix, U.S Virgin Islands Trip
October 30 Monday WK0002064 Buenos Aires, Argentina Trip
October 27 Friday WP0002773 Belize Trip
October 26 Thursday BM01226 Costa Rica Trip
October 25 Wednesday MK08908 Brussels, Belgium Trip
October 24 Tuesday CW15913 Mazatlán, Mexico Trip
October 23 Monday SH10558 Madrid, Spain Trip
October 20 Friday TE02173 Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii Trip
October 19 Thursday JB02072 Lima, Peru Trip
October 18 Wednesday JL01166 Rhodes, Greece Trip
October 17 Tuesday DS0029750 Acapulco, Mexico Trip
October 16 Monday NH02381 Paris, France Trip
October 13 Friday ML03515 The Westin Casuarina Resort & Spa, Cayman Islands, United Kingdom Trip
October 12 Thursday CB07878 Vallarta Palace, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico Trip
October 12 Thursday BL04095 Nissan Pathfinder
October 11 Wednesday MH08520 Lisbon, Portugal Trip
October 10 Tuesday AC0015649 Auckland, New Zealand Trip
October 9 Monday GC03719 London, England Trip
October 6 Friday JM10352 Edinburgh, Scotland Trip
October 5 Thursday SB07645 Hawaii Trip
October 4 Wednesday LC0016740 Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Trip
October 3 Tuesday JH19899 Barcelona, Spain Trip
October 2 Monday LV02840 Treasure Island Resort, Fiji Trip
September 29 Friday EL02501 Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation, Kauai, Hawaii Trip
September 29 Friday GC06597 Jeep Liberty
September 28 Thursday WH01307 Costa Rica Trip
September 27 Wednesday SJ03025 Star Clippers Caribbean Cruise
September 26 Tuesday AH04408 Dublin, Ireland Trip
September 26 Tuesday OJ00265 Jeep Liberty
September 25 Monday KT03697 Mexico Trip
September 22 Friday DP13809 Maruba Resort Jungle Spa, Belize Trip
September 21 Thursday FR00578 Maui, Hawaii Trip
September 20 Wednesday MT05828 Athens, Greece Trip
September 19 Tuesday DS15733 Dominican Republic Trip
September 18 Monday VJ0001980 Cancún, Mexico Trip
September 15 Friday JB09324 Berlin, Germany Trip
September 14 Thursday JS29587 St. Lucia Trip
September 13 Wednesday JL05517 Buenos Aires, Argentina Trip
September 12 Tuesday MJ0009629 Cancún, Mexico Trip
September 11 Monday DG13478 Brussels, Belgium Trip
September 8 Friday DC12190 New York City Trip
September 7 Thursday CH02309 Caribbean Cruise
September 6 Wednesday TB0016532 Ireland Trip
September 5 Tuesday EB05226 Mazatlan, Mexico Trip
September 4 Monday BG04910 New York City Trip
September 1 Friday JM14742 Caribbean Cruise
August 31 Thursday JL00809 New York City Trip
August 30 Wednesday KR07667 Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles Trip
August 29 Tuesday AR09199 South Padre Island, Texas Trip
August 28 Monday TF00332 Las Vegas, Nevada Trip
August 25 Friday JM14742 Caribbean Cruise
August 24 Thursday MH18824 Cancún, Mexico Trip
August 23 Wednesday NK00459 Italy Trip
August 22 Tuesday AP00861 Las Vegas, Nevada Trip
August 21 Monday JE01443 Hawaii Trip
August 18 Friday EL01604 Caribbean Cruise
August 17 Thursday LP05134 Mexico Trip
August 16 Wednesday AA06397 New York City Trip
August 15 Tuesday FS03009 Antigua Trip
August 14 Monday WR01224 Costa Rica Trip
August 11 Friday SK03856 Acapulco, Mexico Trip
August 10 Thursday KT01131 Thailand Trip
August 9 Wednesday SH16000 Banff, Canada Trip
August 8 Tuesday SA03185 Costa Rica Trip
August 7 Monday VG02367 London, England Trip
August 4 Friday EF01107 Prague, Czech Republic Trip
August 3 Thursday BP07651 Turks & Caicos Islands (UK) Trip
August 2 Wednesday DT0009874 New York City Trip
August 1 Tuesday MS25176 The Bajamas Trip
July 31 Monday CR12651 Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles Trip
July 28 Friday OH00158 Antigua Trip
July 27 Thursday MP07841 Whistler, British Columbia, Canada Trip
July 26 Wednesday SE03281 Jamaica Trip
July 25 Tuesday BR09065 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Trip
July 24 Monday PC09118 Hawaii Trip
July 21 Friday ER04449 Azores Trip
July 20 Thursday KW08694 Fiji Trip
July 19 Wednesday HR00338 Santa Barbara, California Trip
July 18 Tuesday PL04159 Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles Trip
July 17 Monday ML05463 Mazatlan, Mexico Trip
July 14 Friday NV00029 London, England Trip
July 13 Thursday AB08317 Amsterdam, Netherlands Trip
July 12 Wednesday JJ04330 Cancún, Mexico Trip
July 11 Tuesday JC21373 Jamaica Trip
July 10 Monday KG03185 Hawaii Trip
July 7 Friday NH00605 Venice, Italy Trip
July 6 Thursday CC04097 Miami Trip
July 5 Wednesday SH13949 Ireland Trip
July 4 Tuesday MC02858 Mexico Trip
July 3 Monday NJ01488 Amsterdam, Netherlands Trip
June 30 Friday MM00918 Puerto Rico Trip
June 29 Thursday MS21713 Venice, Italy Trip
June 28 Wednesday CA03062 Los Cabos Resort, Mexico Trip
June 27 Tuesday DT00033 Montego Bay, Jamaica Trip
June 26 Monday MB19888 Athens, Greece Trip
June 23 Friday KC01624 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Trip
June 22 Thursday NL03024 Caribbean Cruise
June 21 Wednesday SW14102 San Francisco, California Trip
June 20 Tuesday PD04849 Baja, Mexico Trip
June 19 Monday CT08809 Jamaica Trip
June 16 Friday TG05852 Hawaii Trip
June 15 Thursday EM04760 New York City Trip
June 14 Wednesday FJ00776 Mexico Trip
June 13 Tuesday MS28824 Ireland Trip
June 12 Monday MS10469 Miami, Florida Trip
June 9 Friday MG09220 Hawaii Trip
June 8 Thursday LP03534 Mexico Trip
June 7 Wednesday SC01527 Spain Trip
June 6 Tuesday JP17533 Puerto Rico Trip
June 6 Tuesday CN00989 Infiniti G35
June 5 Monday JI00424 France Trip
June 2 Friday NB02423 Mexico Trip
June 1 Thursday SB04346 Belize Trip
May 31 Wednesday JF04141 ?
May 30 Tuesday CP07493 Bahamas Trip
May 30 Tuesday MG13034 Audi 84
May 29 Monday GC01453 Madrid Trip
May 26 Friday SK07226 Mazatlan, Mexico Trip
May 25 Thursday CL04406 Las Vegas, Nevada Trip
May 24 Wednesday HC03402 Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles Trip
May 23 Tuesday DN04214 Hawaii Trip
May 22 Monday JG18610 Toronto, Canada Trip
May 19 Friday JT03236 Venice, Italy Trip
May 18 Thursday CC08734 Miami, Florida Trip
May 17 Wednesday BJ03469 Ireland Trip
May 17 Wednesday SR05309 Jeep Grand Cherokee
May 16 Tuesday JF08925 Mexico Trip
May 15 Monday DC16306 Amsterdam, Netherlands Trip
May 12 Friday RH12084 Caribbean Cruise
May 11 Thursday HT01260 Mexico Trip
May 10 Wednesday LD06681 New York City Trip
May 9 Tuesday SC01142 Antigua Trip
May 8 Monday AW08283 Costa Rica Trip
May 5 Friday RB11193 Antigua Trip
May 4 Thursday IS01194 Switzerland Trip
May 3 Wednesday CJ02020 Hawaii Trip
May 2 Tuesday MI00782 Acapulco, Mexico Trip
May 1 Monday JS10278 Iceland Trip
April 28 Friday CL06717 Italy Trip
April 27 Thursday JL10534 Jamaica Trip
April 26 Wednesday KB14925 Canada Trip
April 25 Tuesday VC02942 London, England Trip
April 24 Monday BJ03276 Turks & Caicos Islands (UK) Trip
April 21 Friday JF04176 St. Lucia Trip
April 20 Thursday RA04558 London, England Trip
April 19 Wednesday SK00380 Vancouver, Canada Trip
April 18 Tuesday DC13441 Cancún, Mexico Trip
April 17 Monday BS14041 Hawaii Trip
April 14 Friday PR01357 Costa Rica Trip
April 14 Friday AI00263 Jeep Wrangler
April 13 Thursday JY01995 Caribbean Cruise
April 12 Wednesday JH27289 Fiji Trip
April 11 Tuesday JN06657 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Trip
April 10 Monday SC13140 Hawaii Trip
April 7 Friday LS04807 Barbados Trip
April 6 Thursday CH11465 France Trip
April 5 Wednesday CP03940 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Trip
April 4 Tuesday PS03243 Hawaii Trip
April 3 Monday PH02753 Las Vegas, Nevada Trip
April 3 Monday JF05857 Chevy HHR
March 31 Friday PF01180 Hawaii Trip
March 30 Thursday JS08301 Mexico Trip
March 29 Wednesday CR02542 Rome, Italy Trip
March 28 Tuesday CS19545 Miami, Florida Trip
March 27 Monday MP12591 Prague, Czech Republic Trip
March 24 Friday DG01567 Maui, Hawaii Trip
March 23 Thursday NS01952 British Columbia, Canada Trip
March 22 Wednesday RR03602 Mexico Trip
March 22 Wednesday JY00337 Lexus IS 250
March 21 Tuesday MF06197 Belgium Trip
March 21 Tuesday DR00774 Lexus IS 250
March 20 Monday TB08872 Martinique (France) Trip
March 20 Monday BG05427 Lexus RX 330
March 17 Friday TS09649 Little Cayman Island (UK) Trip
March 17 Friday PL05409 Jeep Wrangler
March 16 Thursday ER05409 Aspen, Colorado Trip
March 15 Wednesday AT02113 Barcelona, Spain Trip
March 15 Wednesday WR02159 Saab 9-3 Convertible
March 14 Tuesday DM21666 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Trip
March 13 Monday GL00194 Rome, Italy Trip
March 10 Friday RB02971 Ireland Trip
March 9 Thursday NS06127 Argentina Trip
March 8 Wednesday MC01238 ?
March 7 Tuesday TP00857 Canada Trip
March 6 Monday JW09242 Hawaii Trip
March 3 Friday EJ00814 London, England Trip
March 2 Thursday CF00491 Amsterdam, Netherlands Trip
March 1 Wednesday RA05185 Mexico Trip
March 1 Wednesday JH06292 Porsche Boxter
February 28 Tuesday PM08704 Jamaica Trip
February 27 Monday WJ01321 Hawaii Trip
February 27 Monday KY00054 Landrover LR3
February 24 Friday LS07804 Mexico Trip
February 23 Thursday DB22145 Hawaii Trip
February 22 Wednesday DS09519 Prague, Czech Republic Trip
February 21 Tuesday CB13981 Turks & Caicos Islands (UK) Trip
February 20 Monday DK06457 New York City Trip
February 17 Friday TC10113 California Trip
February 16 Thursday HP01864 The Bahamas Trip
February 15 Wednesday ML06113 New York City Trip
February 14 Tuesday LM07984 Mexico Trip
February 13 Monday RH05978 Antigua Trip
February 10 Friday DP11030 Puerto Rico Trip
February 9 Thursday FM02225 Venice, Italy Trip
February 8 Wednesday CG02063 Mexico Trip
February 7 Tuesday JM02950 Jamaica Trip
February 6 Monday SS20783 Athens, Greece Trip
February 3 Friday PP01824 Iceland Trip
February 2 Thursday LL00133 Barbados Trip
February 1 Wednesday CM12823 Hawaii Trip
January 31 Tuesday DJ04499 ?
January 30 Monday MD07558 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Trip
January 27 Friday RH01470 New York City Trip
January 27 Friday GS05999 Cadillac CTS
January 26 Thursday DG04089 Caribbean Cruise
January 25 Wednesday PR00898 Ireland Trip
January 25 Wednesday UR08985 Cadillac CTS
January 24 Tuesday SO00534 Mazatlan, Mexico Trip
January 23 Monday JB03174 New York City Trip
January 23 Monday CG10198 Chevy SSR
January 20 Friday EB00272 Azores (Portugal) Trip
January 20 Friday SP04117 Audi A4 Cabriolet
January 19 Thursday LP03599 Fiji Trip
January 19 Thursday DC03403 Chevy HHR
January 18 Wednesday NJ00207 Santa Barbara, California Trip
January 17 Tuesday TP00510 Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles Trip
January 16 Monday ST06914 Mazatlan, Mexico Trip
January 13 Friday WB00653 Mexico Trip
January 12 Thursday JH11311 Caribbean Cruise
January 11 Wednesday BK03174 San Francisco, California Trip
January 11 Wednesday JD10933 Nissan Pathfinder
January 10 Tuesday TL04204 Baja, Mexico Trip
January 9 Monday MF07944 Jamaica Trip
January 6 Friday CM16506 St. Lucia Trip
January 5 Thursday SR10257 Hawaii Trip
January 4 Wednesday GB06226 Paris, France Trip
January 3 Tuesday RS08288 ?
January 2 Monday SM17397 Martinique (France) Trip
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